Technical Services

WIBERG Corporation has the technical expertise on staff to support our customers and solve technical problems. Our team of master sausage makers, food technologists and PhD's can:

  • show you how to use WIBERG products effectively, either at our fully functional test kitchen (complete with smokehouse) or at your premises;
  • create and optimize recipes to suit your specific production process;
  • identify and present efficient, economical and effective technological solutions;
  • develop new product ideas;

The right choice of meat and the right choice of ingredients and additives is the foundation of a good product. The variety of sausages is almost endless - it can include cooked or fresh, large caliber cuts or small caliber sausages. An excellent cooked sausage is consistent, has a strong bite, optimal colour and a smoky-spicy taste while a perfect cooked salami has a rich and pure meaty taste, an attractive and rich red colour as well as a long shelf life. Whether it's a sausage, a whole muscle product, or a home meal replacement, WIBERG can help you optimize and produce the best possible product for your target market.

Customer oriented focus and service are the cornerstones of our daily activities. In addition to our high quality and innovative products, our superior technical services ensure your success!