WIBERG Corporation is an ingredient supplier to the Canadian and United States food processing and food service industry for over 20 years. We specialize in the design and custom blending of seasonings and spices for the meat, poultry and general food industry.

Our headquarters are in Oakville, Ontario. We have HACCP recognized production and warehousing facilities of 80,000 sq ft in Oakville with another 30,000 sq ft located in Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA. We also have Kosher, Halal and Organic certifications.


For WIBERG, our customer is the centerpoint of our business. We are a proactive partner and our experienced food specialists can offer you cost saving strategies. Our partner, WIBERG GmbH, has more than half century of service to the European food industry.


WIBERG utilizes high shear mixers that are the most advanced in the industry. Our stainless steel, variable speed blenders allow us to take custom blending to new levels. Not only can we custom blend dry ingredients, but we have the unique ability to mix dry powder and liquid ingredients in our Diosna blenders in a uniform homogenous consistent blend.

Large scale batch production is easily accomplished with our inventory of Ribbon Blenders. These stainless steel blenders enable us to offer faster production turnaround times on large orders while ensuring a consistent finished product each and every time.


We work with you to improve an existing product or create a completely new one using our lab and test kitchen facilities. WIBERG's R& D lab is a state of the art facility staffed by food specialists from around the globe. Our test kitchen, available to our customers, is fully equipped with all the production equipment of a modern meat processing plant including an operating smokehouse.


WIBERG has a food safety system and quality management system focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our quality system, which includes an allergen program, traceability and third party audits, is in place at all WIBERG locations and equally applied to raw materials, in-process products and finished goods.


In addition to representing lines of new equipment from SCHRÖTER, Titan Slicer, InjectStar, Henneken and KG Wetter, we also maintain an inventory of new and reconditioned equipment such as cutters, grinders, injectors, stuffers, and smokehouses. We can also work with you to source equipment to meet your exact requirements.

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  • Natural Spices - We source our natural spices globally for the highest quality and offer unmatched consistency.

    Black pepper is ground fresh in our milling equipment and is available in all common mesh sizes. Our white pepper is ground cryogenically retaining more oils and therefore more flavour than with traditional grinding.
  • Custom Blending & Packaging - We blend and package spices, seasonings and food ingredients to your requirements and needs from 30g cello packages to 1000kg totes. We can also fill jars, containers and grinders with spices or custom blended products with our automated machine.
  • Phosphates - WIBERG Phos Ultra, our signature blended phosphate along with our full range of specialty phosphates and STPP, provides a cost effective functional product for your value added meat and poultry products.
  • Food Additives - We offer an extensive line of products - ranging from antioxidants (sodium erythorbate) to functional binders (specialty starches).
  • Casings - We carry a wide range of stocked casings from fibrous to plastic, natural to collagen and can provide customized printed casings up to six colours.