Food Manufacturing
Artificial Casings

We can supply a wide variety of artificial casings including custom printed in colour.


  • Sizes Ranging from 21Mm to 75Mm
  • Easy/Fast Peel


  • Rounds, Middles, R2'S

Collagen Foil/Film

  • In Widths from 40 to 60Cm


  • Regular & Cling
  • A Variety of Colours; Sizes from 35Mm to 180Mm

Plastic Coated Fibrous (Top Casings)

  • Sizes Ranging from: 45 Mm to 120Mm
  • A Variety of Colours


  • Single or Multi Layer
  • Sizes Ranging from: 35Mm to 165Mm
  • Can Be Custom Printed to Required Colour
  • Also Available With Optifill Coating

Nets & Textiles

  • Various Sizes and Patterns

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